Saturday, November 5, 2011

Everything I Know for Today Part 3

Even at an...advanced...age, your brain can function the way it did when you were a young college student. However, it will protest. Profusely.

It will march with large signs that say, "Don't believe what Oprah says. Getting older sucks!"

Not that your brain is trying to diss Oprah.

It's not a mean brain.

So you become a cheerleader and chant, "Go big brain! Go big brain!" expecting this to help with its bad attitude and low self esteem issues.

But your brain doesn't take it this way. It flips the sign over to a new one that says, "Go hug someone else!"

Of course, you're at a loss because you were only trying to help. And when you try to help your brain and it refuses to comply, it brings out your inner hard core jailer. You shove the school textbook in brain's face and scream, "Read the thing. Now!"

Well that just ticks your brain off, so it turns around. Completely shuts down. Won't even send you a little message on its sign board.

Which, of course, ticks you off more. So you turn around and give your brain the white sign treatment right back.

But pretty soon you both turn around. You start chugging like a little 'I think I can' train while your brain gives you a derisive look and pulls off the cobwebs. And even though it doesn't want to study, it does.

Because staring at a white sign is very, very boring.