Monday, February 15, 2010

Setting a deadline

I've started it. Officially. I'm dedicating one more year of my life towards making writing part of my career path. And if, by the end of that year, I don't have something...some positive step such as an agent or a book being considered by a publisher...then I will have to be done.

The good thing is, it has motivated me to do things I wouldn't have done before. I started a blog. I'm nearly finished with my second middle grade novel and I've started a third. I'm starting a new play. I actively enter contests. I critique online and have my book critiqued in turn. I'm financially investing in two conferences. I search out and submit to agents. I contact publishing companies.

I spend as much time as possible, even time I should be spending with my family, or time I should be watching the burning chicken, trying to make it work.

People at conferences, in blogs, in critique groups, etc. say...keep trying...keep working...keep submitting. And I am. I have won some very nice awards and received some very nice letters detailing my skills as a writer.

But the truth is my kids need to go to college.

And I can't do everything...the kids, the career, the dog, and writing, with a deployed husband.

So I have a deadline.

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  1. Let that deadline keep motivating you. I hope you see the results you're wishing for in the next year!