Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving mountains

I've noticed a very distinct, absolutely true correlation between two things:

The more I have my BIC (Jane Yolen's: butt in chair) to write, the W-I-D-E-R it gets. When I look in the mirror and notice my flatter, flabbier office bottom it's disheartening. And boring.

Now I have two choices:

1. Quit writing.

2. Keep writing. And keep moving.

Punch it up with stairs, hills, and miles. Stop shoving junk in my mouth when I'm bored. Or frustrated. Or working.

My characters are the same way. If I sit on them too much they are as wide, flat, and flabby as an office butt. If I fill them with words they just talk, talk, talk and never get around to doing things. But if I give them a few miles to travel and mountains to climb, they take on a shape that is much more interesting.

So here's to having a butt in a chair and moving mountains all in the same moment...and then working out a few miles more!

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  1. First of all—New Follower! *waves*

    Hope you don't mind me cyberstalking you--I love connecting with other writers, and this was a great post. Your last sentence is priceless--well done you!

    I do a lot of my blog hopping at work, so I can’t always comment—but I’m awesome at lurking. So if you don’t see me that doesn’t mean I’m not around.

    Nice to meet you and happy Thursday!